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penult the syllable that is next to the last syllable in a word. [2 definitions]
penultima see penult.
penultimate the next to the last. [2 definitions]
penumbra the partially lighted shadow that surrounds the complete shadow of an opaque body such as the moon during an eclipse. (Cf. umbra.) [3 definitions]
penurious extremely needy or poor; poverty-stricken. [3 definitions]
penury severe poverty; pennilessness. [2 definitions]
Penzance a seaport town in the southwest corner of England and the setting of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, The Pirates of Penzance.
peon an unskilled, usu. agricultural worker in Latin America or the southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
peonage the state or condition of being a peon. [2 definitions]
peony any of various garden plants that bear large pink, red, or white flowers. [2 definitions]
people human beings; persons. [7 definitions]
peopleless combined form of people.
people's front see popular front.
People's Republic of China official name for China, a large, populous East Asian country bordering the Pacific Ocean.
pep (informal) lively energy or spirit; vigor. [3 definitions]
peplum a flounce or flared piece sewn to the waist of a dress, blouse, or coat, that extends to and encircles the hips.
pepper a spicy condiment obtained from the dried, esp. black berries of any of various tropical vines of the East Indies. [8 definitions]
pepper-and-salt composed of or speckled with a mixture of black and white.
peppercorn the dried black berry of the tropical East Indian pepper plant. [2 definitions]
peppergrass any of several plants bearing small white flowers and pungent seeds, such as garden cress, that are used as potherbs or salad vegetables.
pepper grinder a device used generally in the home or in a restaurant for grinding peppercorns; pepper mill.