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permission the act of permitting. [2 definitions]
permissive allowing much, often excessive, freedom of behavior; lenient. [2 definitions]
permit to allow the entrance or the presence of. [5 definitions]
permutation the act, process, or result of change; transformation. [2 definitions]
permute to change the order of; alter the sequence of. [2 definitions]
pernicious having a very harmful or fatal effect; injurious, deadly, or destructive.
pernicious anemia a severe anemia in which red blood cells decrease in number and increase in size that is caused largely by a deficiency of vitamin B12.
pernickety variant of persnickety.
perorate to make a long speech or speak bombastically. [2 definitions]
peroration the concluding part of a speech in which there is a summing up of the principal points. [2 definitions]
peroxidase any of a group of enzymes that catalyzes the oxidation of various substances by a peroxide.
peroxide hydrogen peroxide. [3 definitions]
perpendicular at or forming a right angle to or with an intersecting line or plane. [7 definitions]
perpetrate to commit or carry out (a crime, act of mischief, or the like). [2 definitions]
perpetual lasting or continuing forever. [4 definitions]
perpetual motion the movement of a hypothetical device which, once put in motion, would operate indefinitely by creating its own energy in excess of that expended.
perpetuate to cause to last or be remembered.
perpetuity the state or quality of being perpetual. [4 definitions]
perplex to puzzle, confuse, or cause uncertainty in the mind of (a person). [2 definitions]
perplexed puzzled, confused, or uncertain. [2 definitions]
perplexing causing difficulty in understanding or in figuring out a solution or a way to proceed.