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perusal the act or an instance of reading. [2 definitions]
peruse to read or examine attentively and in detail.
pervade to spread or be present everywhere in; permeate.
pervasive spreading or present everywhere or throughout.
perverse stubbornly opposed to what is expected or requested of one, or marked by or inclined toward such an attitude. [3 definitions]
perversion an act or instance of perverting, or the condition of being perverted. [2 definitions]
perversity the quality or condition, or an instance, of being perverse.
pervert to lead astray or corrupt. [5 definitions]
perverted being opposite to or different from what is considered right or proper; wicked; distorted. [2 definitions]
pervious subject to passage or entrance, as by water; permeable. [2 definitions]
Pesach see "Passover."
peseta a chief monetary unit, along with the franc, of Andorra, equaling one hundred centimos. [2 definitions]
pesewa the smaller monetary unit of Ghana. (Cf. cedi.)
pesky (informal) pestering or annoying.
peso the chief monetary unit of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, and the Philippines, equaling one hundred centavos. [3 definitions]
pessary a device worn in the vagina to correct uterine displacement, or to prevent conception. [2 definitions]
pessimism the belief that events will turn out badly; tendency to expect the worst. (Cf. optimism.) [3 definitions]
pessimist one who usu. expects a bad outcome. (Cf. optimist.) [2 definitions]
pessimistic tending to expect unfavorable outcomes. [2 definitions]
pest an insect or animal that causes damage to crops or is harmful in other ways. [3 definitions]
pester to bother continually or repeatedly in ways that are small but annoying; annoy. [2 definitions]