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petty bourgeois variant of petit bourgeois.
petty cash a small supply of cash, kept esp. in a business office, that is used to pay minor charges or purchase incidentals.
petty jury see petit jury.
petty larceny theft in which the value of the goods stolen does not exceed a relatively low amount determined by law. (Cf. grand larceny.)
petty officer a noncommissioned naval officer.
petulance the state or quality of being easily or unreasonably irritated, impatient, or ill tempered.
petulant showing or inclined to show sudden or unreasonable irritation, impatience, or ill temper; peevish or sulky.
petunia any of several common garden plants, originating in the American tropics, that bear white to purple, funnel-shaped flowers.
pew a stationary church bench with a back and often arms at the ends, usu. one of several arranged in rows facing the altar. [2 definitions]
pewee either of two small North American woodland flycatchers.
pewit the lapwing.
pewter a tin alloy, used formerly for kitchen vessels or implements, but now mostly for decorative objects and tableware. [2 definitions]
peyote a species of mescal cactus. [2 definitions]
PFC abbreviation of "private first class," a soldier in the U.S. Army or Marine Corps ranking below a corporal and above a private.
pfennig formerly, the smaller monetary unit of Germany. (Cf. deutsche mark, mark.)
PG abbreviation of "parental guidance suggested," (used as a film rating).
pg. an abbreviation for page.
PG-13 abbreviation of "parental guidance suggested; may not be suitable for those under thirteen years" (used as a film rating).
pH a symbol for a measure of the degree of alkalinity or acidity of a solution, determined by the concentration or activity of hydrogen ions therein (often fol. by a number, with seven indicating neutrality, zero to six indicating acidity, and eight to fourteen indicating alkalinity).
Phaėthon in Greek mythology, son of the sun god, Helios, who tried to drive his father's sun-chariot from east to west but flew too close to earth, started a conflagration, and was killed by Zeus.
phaeton an open, lightweight, four-wheeled carriage drawn by horses. [3 definitions]