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phallic of, concerning, or similar to the phallus.
phallicism veneration of the phallus as a symbol of male creative power.
phallus an image or likeness of the male sex organ, esp. as a symbol of sexual power or the generative power in nature. [2 definitions]
phantasm a ghost or phantom; specter. [3 definitions]
phantasmagoria a quickly changing series of illusory or fantastic images, as experienced in dreams. [2 definitions]
phantasy variant of fantasy.
phantom an unreal or illusory figure, such as a ghost or specter; apparition. [4 definitions]
pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt, or (cap.) the title of any one of these kings.
pharisaic (cap.) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Pharisees. [3 definitions]
pharisaism (cap.) the beliefs, doctrines, and practices of the Pharisees. [2 definitions]
pharisee (cap.) a member of an ancient Jewish sect that adhered strictly to oral and written religious law and believed in the appearance of a Messiah. [2 definitions]
pharmaceutical of or relating to pharmacists or medicinal drugs. [2 definitions]
pharmaceutics (used with a sing. verb) the science or profession of preparing and dispensing drugs.
pharmacist a person who is trained and licensed in the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs; druggist.
pharmaco- drug.
pharmacognosy the science dealing with the plant, animal, and mineral sources and properties of drugs, esp. in their crude or unprepared states.
pharmacokinetic of or related to the absorption, processing, and elimination of a drug by the body, or to the field of pharmacokinetics.
pharmacokinetics the study of the absorption, processing, and elimination of drugs by the body. [2 definitions]
pharmacology the scientific study of the composition, use, and effects of drugs and medicines.
pharmacopoeia a book that contains an authorized list of drugs and other medicines, along with information on their preparation, use, and effects. [2 definitions]
pharmacy the practice, profession, or art of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicine. [3 definitions]