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phlogistic of or pertaining to fever or inflammation. [2 definitions]
phlogiston a nonexistent chemical that was once believed to be the cause of combustion and to be released by anything burning.
phlox any of a number of herbs that grow primarily in North America and bear clusters of white, purple, or reddish flowers. [2 definitions]
Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia.
-phobe one who fears or despises (something specified).
-phobia strong, abnormal, or unreasonable fear or dislike.
phobia a strong, persistent, irrational fear of, or aversion to, something.
phobic pertaining to, characteristic of, or exhibiting a phobia.
Phobos the larger of the two moons of the planet Mars.
phoebe a small, brownish gray North American bird of the flycatcher family.
Phoebus the Latin name for Phoibos, a byname for the Greek god Apollo.
Phoenicia an ancient kingdom on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.
Phoenician a native or resident of Phoenicia. [4 definitions]
Phoenix the capital of Arizona.
phoenix (sometimes cap.) in Egyptian mythology, a beautiful bird that lives for about five hundred years, sets itself on fire, and rises reborn from the ashes, symbolizing immortality.
Phoibos a byname, meaning "radiant," for the Greek god Apollo. The Latin variant is Phoebus.
Phoibos Apollo Apollo, in his capacity as the god of sunlight.
phon a unit of loudness of sound, relative to a pure tone of one kilohertz, the difference being measured either objectively with acoustical equipment, or subjectively.
phonate in phonetics, to utter or vocalize (a voiced sound or sounds).
-phone sound. [2 definitions]
phone1 a telephone. [4 definitions]