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phon a unit of loudness of sound, relative to a pure tone of one kilohertz, the difference being measured either objectively with acoustical equipment, or subjectively.
phonate in phonetics, to utter or vocalize (a voiced sound or sounds).
-phone sound. [2 definitions]
phone1 a telephone. [4 definitions]
phone2 a discrete speech sound.
phone booth a small enclosed structure containing a public telephone.
phone box (chiefly British) a small enclosed structure containing a public telephone; phone booth.
phoneme in linguistics, any of the minimal units of sound that are part of the sound system of any language.
phonemic of or relating to phonemes or phonemics. [2 definitions]
phonemics (used with a sing. verb) the scholarly study of phonemes.
phone number a short form of telephone number.
phonetic of or relating to phonetics. [3 definitions]
phonetic alphabet an alphabet that contains a character for each distinguishable speech sound.
phonetics (used with a sing. verb) the study of the production, perception, transcription, and classification of speech sounds.
phoney variant of phony.
phonic of or relating to speech sounds.
phonics (used with a sing. verb) a method of teaching spelling, pronunciation, and reading that uses a phonetic rendering of the standard spelling system. [2 definitions]
phono- voice; sound.
phonogram a sign or symbol in a phonetic writing system such as shorthand, that represents a word, phrase, syllable, or speech sound.
phonograph a machine that reproduces sound that has been recorded on a grooved disk; record player.
phonography the practice of transcribing speech sounds into symbols; phonetic spelling, writing, or transcription. [2 definitions]