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phonoscope a device that produces a visible representation of sound, used esp. to test the quality of the strings of musical instruments.
-phony sound (of a specified kind).
phony (informal) not real or genuine; fake. [2 definitions]
phooey used to express rejection, contempt, or disgust.
-phore one that bears or produces.
-phorous bearing or producing (used to form adjectives from certain nouns ending in -phore).
phosgene a highly volatile, colorless liquid or gas that is poisonous and is used as a chemical weapon and in the manufacture of products such as glass and plastics.
phosphate a salt or ester of a phosphoric acid. [3 definitions]
phosphate rock sedimentary rocks that contain large amounts of calcium phosphate, used in making fertilizer, phosphorous chemicals, and the like.
phosphatide a lipid compound, such as lecithin, that contains both phosphoric acid and glycerol and occurs in the fatty tissue of cellular organisms.
phosphide a chemical compound made of trivalent phosphorus and a radical or another element.
phosphite a salt of phosphorous acid.
phosphocreatine a form of creatine containing phosphate that supplies energy for muscle contraction.
phospholipid any of various phosphate-containing lipids that are commonly found in cell membranes.
phosphor any of a variety of substances that become luminescent from the absorption of radiation.
phosphorate to impregnate or combine with phosphorus. [2 definitions]
phosphoresce to display, produce, or undergo phosphorescence.
phosphorescence the emission of light with little heat that results from the absorption of radiation and persists after the radiation exposure has ceased. [2 definitions]
phosphoreted impregnated or combined with phosphorus.
phosphoric of, containing, or pertaining to phosphorus, esp. pentavalent phosphorus.
phosphoric acid any of several oxygen acids of phosphorus that are used in fertilizers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and food flavorings.