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photophobia an abnormal fear of or painful sensitivity to light, sometimes resulting from eye ailments.
photopia vision during conditions of bright light or normal daylight. (Cf. scotopia.)
photoplay the written text of a play intended for presentation on film rather than on the stage; screenplay.
photoreceptor a cell on a sense organ or nerve, such as the eye or the optic nerve, that detects light, or the organ or nerve itself.
photosensitive sensitive to light or radiation.
photosphere the shining, visible surface of a star, esp. the sun.
Photostat trademark for a camera device used to make picturelike copies of printed matter. [3 definitions]
photostat to make a copy of (a document or the like) using a Photostat.
photosynthesis the process in plants by which sunlight, with the help of chlorophyll, is converted to chemical energy that is used to synthesize inorganic compounds into organic ones, esp. sugars.
photosynthesize to bring about or produce by the process of photosynthesis.
phototaxis the self-determined movement of an organism toward or away from light.
phototropic of, relating to, or influenced by phototropism.
phototropism the tendency of plants to turn or grow in a particular direction in response to light.
phototypesetting see photocomposition.
photovoltaic pertaining to, producing, or utilizing voltage that has been generated using radiant energy.
photovoltaic cell a cell that produces electromotive force when it is exposed to radiation, esp. light; solar cell.
phr. abbreviation of "phrase."
phrasal pertaining to or consisting of one or more phrases.
phrase in grammar, a string of words that has meaning and grammatical order but does not have both a subject and a predicate. [11 definitions]
phraseology characteristic manner or style of verbal expression. [2 definitions]
phrasing choice of words; wording. [2 definitions]