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phytoplankton tiny plant particles floating in bodies of water; algae. (Cf. zooplankton.)
P.I. abbreviation of "private investigator."
pi the name of the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
piacular making amends; atoning. [2 definitions]
pia mater the innermost of three vascular membranes that envelop the brain and the spinal cord. (See arachnoid, dura mater.)
pianism the technique or performance of a pianist.
pianissimo in music, very soft. [3 definitions]
pianist one who plays the piano, esp. one who earns a living by doing so.
piano1 a large keyboard instrument with wire strings that are struck by small hammers attached to the ends of the keys.
piano2 in music, soft; quiet. [3 definitions]
pianoforte see piano1. [2 definitions]
piaster the smaller monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, and Syria. (Cf. pound.) [2 definitions]
piazza a public square, usu. the main or only square, esp. in an Italian town or city. [2 definitions]
pibroch a composition for the bagpipe that consists of a dirgelike or martial theme with variations.
pica1 a printing type measuring about one sixth of an inch, or an equivalent linear measurement used to determine the dimensions of printed lines, illustrations, or the like. [2 definitions]
pica2 an abnormal craving for unnatural foods such clay or dirt.
picador the mounted lancer in a bullfight.
picaresque of, relating to, or like an episodic adventure story, of a type originating in Spain, about a rogue and his escapades. [2 definitions]
picaro a roguish adventure-seeker, esp. such a character in literary works.
picayune having little value or significance; small; paltry. [4 definitions]
piccalilli a relish of East Indian origin, made of chopped vegetables such as green peppers, onions, and green tomatoes, mixed with mustard, vinegar, and hot spices.