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pickerel any of a number of North American pike, often caught for food or sport.
pickerelweed a North American aquatic plant bearing arrow-shaped leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers that grows in shallow fresh waters.
picket a pointed stake, post, or peg fixed into the ground, usu. used to make a fence or hold something in place. [5 definitions]
picket fence a fence made of pointed upright pales or slats set fairly close together and often painted white.
picket line a line or cordon of strikers, protesters, or other demonstrators serving as pickets.
picking the act of one that picks. [3 definitions]
pickle a food, usu. cucumber, that has been preserved in a solution of salt, vinegar, and usu. seasonings. [4 definitions]
pickled preserved or steeped in a solution such as brine, vinegar, formaldehyde, or the like.
picklock one who picks locks, esp. a thief. [2 definitions]
pick-me-up (informal) food or drink, esp. an alcoholic drink, taken in order to make one feel more energetic or cheerful.
pick on (informal) to annoy or harass, either verbally or physically.
pick out to choose. [2 definitions]
pick over to examine with close scrutiny, as before buying.
pickpocket a person who steals from pockets or purses, usu. in crowded or public places.
pickproof of a lock, designed so that it is impossible to pick.
pickup the act of taking something onto or into a vehicle. [5 definitions]
pick up to take up by hand. [4 definitions]
pick up the tab to pay the bill, esp. at a bar or restaurant.
pickup truck a small truck with a large open area for carrying things.
picky fussy, meticulous, or difficult to please.
picnic an informal outdoor meal, often at a park or in a natural area. [3 definitions]