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picklock one who picks locks, esp. a thief. [2 definitions]
pick-me-up (informal) food or drink, esp. an alcoholic drink, taken in order to make one feel more energetic or cheerful.
pick on (informal) to annoy or harass, either verbally or physically.
pick out to choose. [2 definitions]
pick over to examine with close scrutiny, as before buying.
pickpocket a person who steals from pockets or purses, usu. in crowded or public places.
pickproof of a lock, designed so that it is impossible to pick.
pickup the act of taking something onto or into a vehicle. [5 definitions]
pick up to take up by hand. [4 definitions]
pick up the tab to pay the bill, esp. at a bar or restaurant.
pickup truck a small truck with a large open area for carrying things.
picky fussy, meticulous, or difficult to please.
picnic an informal outdoor meal, often at a park or in a natural area. [3 definitions]
picot one of a series of ornamental loops added to the edge of lace, embroidery, or the like.
picotee a kind of carnation having light petals with a darker border.
picrate an ester or salt of picric acid, usu. very explosive.
picric acid a poisonous acid used in analytical chemistry and in making dyes and explosives.
picro- bitter.
Pict one of an ancient people of Great Britain who were driven into Scotland by the Britons and Romans.
pictograph a pictorial sign or symbol that represents a word or idea; hieroglyph. [3 definitions]
pictorial pertaining to, made of, or containing pictures. [4 definitions]