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Pietist a member of a German movement of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that stressed personal piety over orthodox devotion in seeking to change certain formalities within the Lutheran Church.
piety worshipful devotion to and veneration of God or family; piousness. [2 definitions]
piezoelectric of or pertaining to, or using electricity produced when stress is applied to certain materials.
piezoelectric effect an electric polarization that arises in some crystals when they are subjected to mechanical pressure, and, conversely, the mechanical deformation in these crystals that results when an electric field is applied to them.
piezoelectricity a form of electricity or a charged state produced by applying pressure to certain crystals.
piffle (informal) meaningless or nonsensical talk; babble. [2 definitions]
pig any of a number of omnivorous cloven-hoofed mammals with broad snouts; swine; hog. [3 definitions]
pigeon any of various passerine birds that have a stout body, small head, and short legs. [3 definitions]
pigeon breast a deformity of the human chest occurring as a result of certain diseases, such as rickets, that is characterized by a sharply protruding breastbone.
pigeon drop a swindle wherein a person gives over personal money in response to a fraudulent promise that such funds will bring large returns or profit.
pigeon hawk a small falcon that is closely related to the European merlin.
pigeon-hearted lacking boldness or courage; shy or meek.
pigeonhole a small, recessed area in which a pigeon builds its nest. [5 definitions]
pigeon pea a kind of tropical pea plant that bears vivid yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
pigeon-toed having toes or feet pointing inward instead of straight ahead.
piggish greedy, sloppy, dirty, or boorish.
piggy a young or small pig. [2 definitions]
piggyback upon the shoulders or back. [2 definitions]
piggy bank a small bank, esp. one in the shape of a pig, in which coins are deposited through a slot and saved.
pigheaded obstinate; stubborn.
pig iron iron from a blast furnace that has been cast into blocks. [2 definitions]