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piggy a young or small pig. [2 definitions]
piggyback upon the shoulders or back. [2 definitions]
piggy bank a small bank, esp. one in the shape of a pig, in which coins are deposited through a slot and saved.
pigheaded obstinate; stubborn.
pig iron iron from a blast furnace that has been cast into blocks. [2 definitions]
piglet a young pig.
pigment anything that is used to or serves to provide color. [4 definitions]
pigmentation the colored condition resulting from the use or presence of a pigment. [2 definitions]
Pigmy variant of Pygmy.
pignolia the edible seed of any of several nut-bearing pine trees.
pignut any of several nut-bearing hickory trees of the eastern United States. [2 definitions]
pig-out (slang) the act or an instance of overeating.
pigpen a yard or cage in which pigs are kept. [2 definitions]
pigskin a pig's hide, esp. when tanned. [2 definitions]
pigsticking the hunting of wild boars, esp. the spearing of them from horseback.
pigsty a yard or cage in which pigs are kept; pigpen. [2 definitions]
pigtail a braid of hair that hangs downward from the back of the head.
pigweed any of several wild plants having coarse leaves and small green flowers, such as certain types of goosefoot and amaranth.
PIK abbreviation of "payment in kind."
pika any of a family of small mammals related to rabbits that are found in rocky, mountainous regions of western North America and Asia.
pike1 any of several large freshwater fishes with elongated, flattened snouts, that are caught for food or sport. [2 definitions]