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pilot light a small gas flame in gas stoves, furnaces, and heaters which can be kept burning day and night and from which a gas burner can be ignited. [2 definitions]
Pilsener a light lager beer, traditionally served in a tall, conical glass.
Piltdown man a skull, found in 1911, believed to represent a species of prehistoric human but shown in 1953 to be a forged composite of modern human and ape bone fragments.
Pima a member of a North American Indian people living in Arizona and northern Mexico. [2 definitions]
Pima cotton a very strong, smooth, fine variety of long-staple cotton.
pimento a sweet, red, bell-shaped pepper or the plant on which it grows; pimiento. [3 definitions]
pimento cheese a processed cheese that contains pieces of pimento.
pimiento a red garden pepper, or a small pickled strip of it, used to stuff olives, garnish salads, and the like; pimento.
pimp a person, usu. a man, who secures customers for and manages a prostitute's business for money. [2 definitions]
pimpernel any of a number of plants of the primrose family that bear red, white, or purple flowers.
pimping insignificant or trivial.
pimple a common, small, and often pus-filled inflammation and swelling of the skin.
pimply having numerous pimples.
PIN acronym of "personal identification number," an identification number entered on a keypad to gain remote electronic access to one's bank account or other financial accounts.
pin a small, sharp piece of stiff wire with a flat head, often used to fasten or attach cloth, paper, or the like. [7 definitions]
pinaceous of or relating to the family of pine trees and shrubs.
piņa cloth a delicate, soft fabric made from the fibers of pineapple leaves, used esp. for lingerie.
piņa colada a drink made with rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk.
pinafore a long apronlike piece of clothing designed to protect a dress. [2 definitions]
piņata a colorful decorated container, often in the shape of a star, animal, or popular character, that is filled with candies, gifts, or other treats. The container is suspended in the air so that children, blindfolded, may try to break it open so that the treats may be gathered from the ground. The piņata is of Latin American origin.
pinball a game played on a device with a sloping board using controls to operate flippers that can propel a small ball into the playing area where it can strike targets and score points.