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pince-nez eyeglasses that are attached to the nose, rather than to the ears, by means of a clip.
pincers (usu. used with a pl. verb) any of several tools that resemble pliers, consisting of two pieces connected at a pivot, used for pinching or holding. [2 definitions]
pincers movement a military maneuver used to prevent an enemy force or stronghold from obtaining materials and supplies by converging on it from two sides.
pinch to press forcefully between two surfaces, such as the fingers, parts of a tool, or the like. [10 definitions]
pinchbeck an alloy of zinc and copper, used in cheap jewelry as a substitute for gold. [3 definitions]
pinchcock a clamp fitted onto a flexible tube to regulate or prevent the flow of liquid through it.
pinch-hit in baseball, to bat for another player, esp. at a crucial point in a game. [3 definitions]
pinch pennies to be stingy or very careful with money.
pin curl a strand of usu. damp hair wound around a finger into a flat curl and secured with a bobby pin until set.
pincushion a small padded cushion used to store pins that are stuck into it.
pin down to force to come to a decision, action, or the like. [2 definitions]
pine1 any of numerous evergreen trees that have clustered, needle-shaped leaves and bear cones. [2 definitions]
pine2 to be affected with great desire and longing (often fol. by "for)". [2 definitions]
pineal gland a gland at the base of the brain that produces melatonin and regulates certain biological rhythms as well as other important functions.
pineapple the large, egg-shaped, yellow-fleshed, juicy fruit of a plant of the American tropics. [2 definitions]
pine cone the scaly conical fruit, or cone, of a pine tree.
pinedrops a leafless parasitic plant that grows under pine trees, bearing small white flowers.
pine needle the needle-shaped leaf of a pine tree.
pine nut the sweet, edible, nutlike seed of certain pines that grow chiefly in the southwestern United States and Mexico; pignolia.
pinery a place, such as a plantation or greenhouse, in which pineapples are grown. [2 definitions]
pinesap a fleshy whitish or reddish plant belonging to the heath family that grows on tree roots or fallen tree trunks.