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pinch pennies to be stingy or very careful with money.
pin curl a strand of usu. damp hair wound around a finger into a flat curl and secured with a bobby pin until set.
pincushion a small padded cushion used to store pins that are stuck into it.
pin down to force to come to a decision, action, or the like. [2 definitions]
pine1 any of numerous evergreen trees that have clustered, needle-shaped leaves and bear cones. [2 definitions]
pine2 to be affected with great desire and longing (often fol. by "for)". [2 definitions]
pineal gland a gland at the base of the brain that produces melatonin and regulates certain biological rhythms as well as other important functions.
pineapple the large, egg-shaped, yellow-fleshed, juicy fruit of a plant of the American tropics. [2 definitions]
pine cone the scaly conical fruit, or cone, of a pine tree.
pinedrops a leafless parasitic plant that grows under pine trees, bearing small white flowers.
pine needle the needle-shaped leaf of a pine tree.
pine nut the sweet, edible, nutlike seed of certain pines that grow chiefly in the southwestern United States and Mexico; pignolia.
pinery a place, such as a plantation or greenhouse, in which pineapples are grown. [2 definitions]
pinesap a fleshy whitish or reddish plant belonging to the heath family that grows on tree roots or fallen tree trunks.
pine siskin a small brown North American finch with yellow marks on its tail and wings, often found in pine woods.
pine straw the dried fallen needles of a pine tree.
pine tar a thick, blackish brown liquid obtained from the airless decomposition of pine wood, used in roofing compounds, paints, disinfectants, and expectorants.
pinetum an arboretum of pines or conifers.
pine warbler a small, yellow and greenish songbird found esp. in pine woods of the eastern United States.
piney variant of piny.
pinfeather an undeveloped feather just emerging through the skin of a bird, and often still encased in a horny sheath.