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pinyin (sometimes cap.) the official system, adopted by the People's Republic of China in 1979, for representing Chinese words in the Roman alphabet.
pinyon variant of piņon.
pion any of three subatomic particles in the nucleus of an atom that have a positive, negative, or neutral charge and a mass 270 times that of an electron.
pioneer someone who explores or goes to live in a place previously unexplored or uninhabited by many of his or her culture. [7 definitions]
pious devoted to and dutiful toward a god or gods; religious. [4 definitions]
pip1 a small spot, such as one of the dots on a die or domino, or one of the suit markings on a playing card.
pip2 an infectious disease of fowl and other birds that causes an accumulation of mucus in the throat.
pip3 any small seed, such as one from a grapefruit or apple.
pip4 to make a noise of or like that of a baby bird; chirp; peep. [3 definitions]
pip5 (slang) any minor human illness.
pipe1 a usu. cylindrical tube of metal, plastic, wood, animal or plant tissue, or other material, through which a gas or liquid may flow. [13 definitions]
pipe2 a unit of capacity equal to about 126 gallons, used for measuring wine, oil, and the like. [2 definitions]
pipe bomb a crude homemade bomb made of a length of metal pipe into which an explosive charge is inserted.
pipe clay a fine, exceptionally plastic white clay that is used to make tobacco pipes, print calico, and whiten leather.
pipe cleaner a short length of wire, twisted to secure small tufts of yarn along its length, that is used to clean tobacco residue from the stems of pipes.
pipe cutter a tool consisting of a curved jaw fitted with one or more sharp-edged disks that cuts metal pipes by being rotated around them.
pipe dream a wishful fantasy or vain hope.
pipefish any of various elongated, bony-plated fishes found in marine or fresh waters that have tube-shaped snouts.
pipe fitter a skilled worker who installs and maintains pipes in plumbing, refrigeration, and heating systems.
pipeful a quantity of tobacco sufficient to fill a pipe.
pipeline a long, usu. capacious pipe for moving water, oil, gas, or the like, usu. from the point of production to a point of use or marketing. [3 definitions]