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pipeline a long, usu. capacious pipe for moving water, oil, gas, or the like, usu. from the point of production to a point of use or marketing. [3 definitions]
pipe organ see organ.
piper someone who produces music using a pipe.
pipestem the long thin tube extending from the bowl of a pipe, through which the smoker inhales. [2 definitions]
pipette a long, narrow, often graduated glass or plastic tube into which small quantities of liquid can be drawn by suction for measurement or transfer. [2 definitions]
pipe up to begin to speak or play music, esp. in a loud, assertive way.
piping the network of pipes used for a single purpose, such as the water system in a particular building. [6 definitions]
piping hot of food or drink, extremely but appropriately hot.
pipistrelle any of a genus of small bats, found in North America and most of the Eastern Hemisphere, that fly before nightfall.
pipit any of several small, brownish, insect-eating songbirds characterized by a streaked breast, slender bill, and the habit of walking instead of hopping.
pipkin a small earthenware cooking pot.
pippin any of a number of varieties of apple. [2 definitions]
pipsissewa any of several evergreen herbs bearing white or pink flowers and jagged leathery leaves, formerly used as a diuretic and tonic.
pipsqueak (informal) a person considered to be contemptibly small or insignificant.
piquant of food, having a deliciously sharp or spicy taste. [2 definitions]
piqué a type of ribbed fabric.
pique to incite to hostility or resentment, esp. by hurting the feelings. [4 definitions]
piquet a card game for two people that is played with a deck of thirty-two cards.
piracy robbery or illegal attack at sea. [2 definitions]
piragua a canoe made of a hollowed-out tree trunk; dugout. [2 definitions]
piranha any of various small freshwater fishes of South America that, in groups, often attack and eat large animals.