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piranha any of various small freshwater fishes of South America that, in groups, often attack and eat large animals.
pirarucu see arapaime.
pirate someone who, for private gain, attacks or plunders ships at sea or raids coastal settlements. [7 definitions]
pirogi small pastry turnovers of Russian origin that are filled with meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, or the like.
pirogue a dugout canoe or other dugout boat.
pirouette a ballet movement involving a rapid rotation of the body upon the toes or foot. [2 definitions]
piscatorial of, concerning, or characteristic of fish, the art of fishing, or those who fish.
Pisces an autumn zodiacal constellation located between Aquarius and Aries; Fish. [4 definitions]
pisci- fish.
pisciculture the breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish as a science or industry; fish farming.
piscine of, like, or pertaining to a fish or fishes.
piscivorous that feeds on fish; fish-eating.
pish used to express distaste, aversion, or impatience.
pismire an ant.
pismo clam an edible, heavy-shelled marine clam found on sandy beaches along the coasts of southern California and Mexico.
pisolite a small, rounded, pea-sized mass of calcium carbonate. [2 definitions]
piss (vulgar) urine. [2 definitions]
piss away to waste; squander.
pissed (vulgar slang) angry; annoyed. [2 definitions]
pisser (vulgar slang) one that is difficult or unpleasant. [2 definitions]
piss off to make angry.