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plea bargaining a pretrial negotiation in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for the state's dropping a more serious charge.
plead to earnestly request or appeal. [5 definitions]
pleadable combined form of plead.
pleading the act of making a plea. [3 definitions]
pleasant pleasing; agreeable. [2 definitions]
pleasantry a casual remark intended to compliment or otherwise please another, esp. in a social situation of no great importance.
please to satisfy or give pleasure to; make happy. [5 definitions]
pleased made satisfied or happy.
pleased as Punch very pleased or gratified.
pleasing giving enjoyment or satisfaction; likable; agreeable.
pleasurable giving or causing pleasure.
pleasure a happy, delighted, or satisfied feeling. [6 definitions]
pleasureless combined form of pleasure.
pleasure principle in psychoanalysis, the theory that humans tend to secure gratification and pleasure and to avoid pain or unpleasantness.
pleat a decorative permanent fold of even width, pressed or sewn in the fabric of a garment, curtain, or the like. [2 definitions]
pleatless combined form of pleat.
plebe a freshman in a military academy.
plebeian in ancient Roman society, of or belonging to the class of commoners; not patrician. [5 definitions]
plebiscite a direct vote by a population on some important question, esp. a question of national self-determination such as annexation or independence; referendum.
plebs in ancient Roman society, the class of common people as contrasted with the patrician class. [2 definitions]
plectrum a small flexible piece of plastic or other material used to pluck a stringed musical instrument; pick.