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P.O.2 abbreviation of "parole officer," a court-appointed official who supervises persons, including convicts, who are on probation.
poach1 to hunt, fish, or trap illegally or on another's land. [3 definitions]
poach2 to cook by boiling or simmering in water or other liquid.
poacher1 one who illegally hunts on another's property.
poacher2 a pan used for poaching eggs or fish.
pock a small pus-filled swelling on the skin caused by smallpox or a similar disease. [3 definitions]
pocket a small saclike piece of material, open at the top and sewn onto a garment to form a pouch for keeping coins and other small objects. [8 definitions]
pocketable combined form of pocket.
pocket billiards any of several versions of billiards or pool played on a six-pocket table with a cue ball and fifteen numbered balls.
pocketbook a small bag or case used to carry money and other personal items; handbag. [2 definitions]
pocket book a book, esp. a paperback, that is small enough to be carried in a pocket.
pocketful the amount that a pocket will contain.
pocketknife a compact knife with a blade or blades that fold into the handle.
pocket money a small amount of money given or carried for incidental expenses. [2 definitions]
pocket mouse any of various small, nocturnal desert-dwelling North American rodents that have fur-lined cheek pouches.
pocket-size small enough to be carried conveniently in a pocket.
pocket veto in the United States, the indirect veto that occurs when the President refuses to sign a bill within ten days of the adjournment of Congress.
pockmark (usu. pl.) the pitted scars left by smallpox or a similar disease. [2 definitions]
poco a little; somewhat (used with tempo directions in music).
poco a poco gradually (used as a musical direction).
-pod one that has a specified kind or number of feet or similar parts. [2 definitions]