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poi a Hawaiian food made from baked, mashed, and fermented taro root.
poignancy the quality or condition of being poignant.
poignant deeply touching; arousing strong emotion, esp. sadness or sympathy; piercing; penetrating.
poikilothermal having a body temperature that varies with the environment; cold-blooded.
poinciana any of several tropical trees or shrubs that bear large, bright red or orange flowers.
poinsettia a shrub native to Mexico and Central America that bears small yellow flowers surrounded by large, usu. red bracts.
point the sharp end of something. [19 definitions]
point after touchdown see conversion.
point-blank of a gunshot or other shot, fired at very close range. [4 definitions]
pointed having a tapered point. [3 definitions]
pointer a person or thing that points or indicates. [5 definitions]
pointillism a school of painting in late nineteenth century France based on the use of small separate dots of paint which look united and luminous to the viewer's eye.
point lace a type of lace worked on a needle rather than a bobbin; needlepoint.
pointless useless to pursue; without meaning. [3 definitions]
point of honor a matter that affects one's reputation or honor.
point of no return the point in an aircraft's flight when it lacks sufficient fuel to return to its starting point, and must thus proceed forward. [2 definitions]
point of order a question as to whether a matter under discussion is in order according to the rules of parliamentary procedure.
point-of-sale of, pertaining to, or at the place where a purchase is made.
point of view a position or place from which one may view, consider, or appraise something; viewpoint; standpoint. [2 definitions]
point out to show or tell about something so that someone can see it or know it.
point system a method of grading that uses numbers instead of letter grades. [4 definitions]