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point of no return the point in an aircraft's flight when it lacks sufficient fuel to return to its starting point, and must thus proceed forward. [2 definitions]
point of order a question as to whether a matter under discussion is in order according to the rules of parliamentary procedure.
point-of-sale of, pertaining to, or at the place where a purchase is made.
point of view a position or place from which one may view, consider, or appraise something; viewpoint; standpoint. [2 definitions]
point out to show or tell about something so that someone can see it or know it.
point system a method of grading that uses numbers instead of letter grades. [4 definitions]
pointy having a relatively sharp point. [2 definitions]
poise a state or position of equilibrium; balance. [6 definitions]
poison a substance that can kill or seriously harm living organisms, esp. by chemical means. [6 definitions]
poison dogwood poison sumac.
poison gas any of various toxic gases, such as chlorine, esp. when used in warfare.
poison ivy a North American plant bearing leaflets in groups of three, greenish flowers, and white berries and secreting an oil that can cause a severe rash on contact. [2 definitions]
poison oak a western North American shrub bearing leaves that often resemble oak leaves and secreting an oil that can cause a severe rash on contact. [2 definitions]
poisonous filled with or containing poison. [3 definitions]
poison-pen of a letter, note, or the like, containing invective, abuse, or threats designed to damage the reputation or happiness of the recipient, and usu. written anonymously.
poison pill a defensive measure taken by a corporation to prevent a takeover by making it too costly.
poison sumac a shrub native to swamps of eastern North America bearing pinnate leaves resembling those of sumac and clumps of grayish white berries and secreting an oil that causes a severe rash on contact.
poke to jab or prod, esp. with a slender or sharp object. [12 definitions]
poke bonnet a bonnet with a brim that projects out at the front.
poke fun at to tease or deride.
poker1 someone or something that pokes, esp. a long, pointed metal rod for stirring up a fire.