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poison-pen of a letter, note, or the like, containing invective, abuse, or threats designed to damage the reputation or happiness of the recipient, and usu. written anonymously.
poison pill a defensive measure taken by a corporation to prevent a takeover by making it too costly.
poison sumac a shrub native to swamps of eastern North America bearing pinnate leaves resembling those of sumac and clumps of grayish white berries and secreting an oil that causes a severe rash on contact.
poke to jab or prod, esp. with a slender or sharp object. [12 definitions]
poke around to look through things or search for something, especially in a casual, haphazard, or secretive manner.
poke bonnet a bonnet with a brim that projects out at the front.
poke fun at to tease or deride.
poker1 someone or something that pokes, esp. a long, pointed metal rod for stirring up a fire.
poker2 any of several card games that involve gambling on the value of the players' hands.
pokeweed a tall North American herb that has edible shoots, bears white flowers and deep purple berries, and has a poisonous root; pokeroot.
pokey variant of poky.
poky (informal) slow-moving. [2 definitions]
Poland a central European country on the Baltic Sea between Germany, Ukraine, and Belarus.
Poland China one of a North American breed of large black hogs with white markings.
polar of, pertaining to, or near one end of the axis of a spherical body, esp. the North Pole or South Pole of the earth. [3 definitions]
polar bear a large white bear that lives in arctic regions.
polar circle either the Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle.
polarimeter an instrument for measuring the degree of polarization of light. [2 definitions]
Polaris a variable binary star near the north celestial pole in the constellation Ursa Minor, having a magnitude of 2.1; North Star.
polariscope an instrument used to view, measure, or analyze polarized light, or through which to view things in polarized light.
polarity the state or condition of having positive and negative poles or of being oriented toward a particular pole. [2 definitions]