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pole2 either of the two ends of the axis of a spherical body such as the earth, or either of the regions around the earth's North and South Poles. [4 definitions]
poleax a long-handled weapon combining ax, hammer, and spearpoint, used in battle in the Middle Ages. [3 definitions]
pole bean any vinelike variety of bean that can twine upward around a pole, stake, trellis, or the like. (Cf. bush bean.)
polecat a dark-furred carnivorous mammal of the weasel family found in Eurasia and northern Africa. [2 definitions]
polemic an emphatic statement of a controversial viewpoint, usually criticizing or refuting an existing position. [3 definitions]
polemical adopting a controversial or disputatious position.
polemicist one who writes polemics. [2 definitions]
polemics (used with a sing. verb) the art or practice of disputation or controversy. [2 definitions]
polenta an Italian dish made of cornmeal mush.
poles apart holding entirely different values, positions, or the like.
polestar a bright star near the north celestial pole; Polaris; North Star. [2 definitions]
pole vault a field event in which the participants perform high vaults with the aid of a long flexible pole that propels them over a crossbar.
pole-vault to vault over a high crossbar with the aid of a pole; perform a pole vault.
police a department of a town, city, or state government that has the authority of enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and maintaining order; police force. [5 definitions]
police car a car used by police officers and equipped with a radiotelephone; patrol car; squad car.
police dog a dog, often a German shepherd, that is trained to aid the police.
policeman a male member of a police force.
police officer a member of a police force; policeman or policewoman.
police state a country in which the government exercises rigid and usu. repressive control by means of a strong police force, esp. a secret police force.
police station the headquarters of the police of a certain area or precinct; station house.
policewoman a female member of a police force.