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pollster a person who conducts a public survey of facts or opinions, esp. one whose occupation is conducting polls.
poll tax a tax levied on a person, rather than a piece of property, as a prerequisite for voting.
pollutant something that pollutes, esp. a waste substance that makes air, water, or land impure or unhealthy; contaminant.
pollute to make dirty, unpleasant, or unhealthy, esp. by infusing with waste material. [3 definitions]
polluted made unclean, impure, unhealthy, or corrupt; contaminated.
pollution the act or process, or an instance, of polluting. [3 definitions]
Pollux a yellow star in the constellation Gemini, having a magnitude of 1.1.
Pollyanna in an early twentieth-century novel by Eleanor H. Porter, the heroine and title character, who is always happy and optimistic. [2 definitions]
polo a game played on horseback by two teams of three or four members each who use long-handled mallets to drive a small wooden ball into the opponent's goal.
polonaise a slow, stately dance of Polish origin, consisting mainly of a promenade. [2 definitions]
polonium a chemical element that has eighty-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally in many highly toxic radioactive isotopes. (symbol: Po)
polo shirt a pullover sport shirt of knitted cotton or a cotton blend, usu. having a soft collar and a button placket.
poltergeist a supernatural presence that manifests itself by making noises and causing objects to move.
poltroon a despicable coward.
poly- many; several. [2 definitions]
polyandrous of, characterized by, or practicing polyandry. (Cf. monandrous.) [2 definitions]
polyandry the practice or condition of having more than one husband at a time. (Cf. monandry.) [3 definitions]
polyanthus any of a number of primroses bearing flowers in clusters. [2 definitions]
polycarbonate any of a group of carbonate-containing polymers, such as the polymer found in many water bottles.
polycarpic able to produce fruit many times, as perennial plants. [2 definitions]
polycentrism in a communist political system, the existence of separate centers of authority.