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polyethylene a lightweight plastic polymer of ethylene used for packaging, tubing, electrical insulation, and the like.
polygala milkwort.
polygamy the practice or state of having more than one spouse, esp. more than one wife, at a time. (Cf. monogamy.)
polygenism a theory that each human racial group is descended from entirely separate ancestors. (Cf. monogenism.)
polyglot using or knowing several languages; multilingual. [5 definitions]
polygon a closed, two-dimensional figure with three or more sides bounded by straight lines.
polygraph a device that records changes in bodily functions such as respiration rate, heartbeat, and blood pressure, sometimes used during interrogation of suspected criminals; lie detector.
polygyny the practice or state of having two or more wives at the same time.
polyhedron a solid, multifaceted figure.
polymath one who has broad knowledge or expertise in a number of distinct areas.
polymer a natural or synthetic compound, such as polyethylene or nylon, that is of high molecular weight and is composed of repeated links of simple molecules.
polymerase any of various enzymes, such as DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase, that catalyze the formation of a polynucleotide strand using an existing strand as a template.
polymeric of, pertaining to, or combined in a polymer.
polymerization the act of forming a polymer. [2 definitions]
polymerize to subject to or undergo the process of forming a polymer.
polymerous in biology, having many parts.
polymorphic see polymorphous.
polymorphous having or passing through a variety of forms, stages, phases, or the like.
Polynesia one of the three principal Pacific island groups, east of the international date line. (Cf. Melanesia, Micronesia.)
Polynesian of or pertaining to Polynesia or its people, cultures, languages, or the like. [3 definitions]
polynomial of, relating to, or consisting of more than two names or terms. [2 definitions]