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pompom girl a female cheerleader whose routines often include the use of large colorful clusters of streamers that resemble pompoms.
pompon variant of pompom1. [2 definitions]
pomposity the state of being pompous. [2 definitions]
pompous showing or inclined to show an exaggerated air of dignity or importance. [3 definitions]
poncho a wrap resembling a blanket with a hole in the center for the head. [2 definitions]
pond a small natural or artificial body of still water.
ponder to think about something deeply and carefully; meditate. [2 definitions]
ponderable combined form of ponder.
ponderosa pine a tall yellow pine of western North America. [2 definitions]
ponderous heavy or weighty. [3 definitions]
pond lily see water lily.
pond scum a mass of usu. green scum formed on the surface of stagnant water by freshwater algae, or the algae that form this mass.
pondweed any of a variety of flowering plants that grow submerged or floating in still bodies of water.
pone in the southern United States, a baked or fried bread made with corn meal and lacking milk or eggs; corn pone. [2 definitions]
pongee a soft, thin silk fabric of uneven texture and natural tan color.
poniard a dagger. [2 definitions]
pons a narrow tissue or band connecting two parts of a bodily organ, esp. the one between the lobes of the brain.
pontifex in ancient Rome, a member of the college of priests.
pontiff the Pope. [3 definitions]
pontifical of, pertaining to, like, or befitting a pontiff. [2 definitions]
pontificate a pontiff's office or term of office. [3 definitions]