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pongee a soft, thin silk fabric of uneven texture and natural tan color.
poniard a dagger. [2 definitions]
pons a narrow tissue or band connecting two parts of a bodily organ, esp. the one between the lobes of the brain.
pontifex in ancient Rome, a member of the college of priests.
pontiff the Pope. [3 definitions]
pontifical of, pertaining to, like, or befitting a pontiff. [2 definitions]
pontificate a pontiff's office or term of office. [3 definitions]
Pontius Pilate see "Pilate."
pontoon a float or boat used as support for a temporary floating bridge. [2 definitions]
pony any of several breeds of horse that are small at maturity. [3 definitions]
pony express a system of mail delivery involving relays of horses, esp. such a system operating in the western United States in the early 1860s.
ponytail a hair style in which all the hair is drawn up and tied at the back so that the ends hang free.
pony up (informal) to present the money for something, esp. in settling a debt or paying one's share of something.
Ponzi scheme a dishonest investment scheme in which early investors receive artificially high returns from money paid in by later investors, the high returns being publicized to attract further investors.
pooch (informal) a dog, esp. a small one.
poodle any of a breed of dog of three varieties according to size, with thick curly hair that can be trimmed in various standard patterns.
pooh used to express disdain or disgust.
pooh-pooh to dismiss lightly; belittle.
pool1 any small area of liquid that has collected on a surface; puddle; pond. [4 definitions]
pool2 a grouping of businesses or individuals for the purpose of combining resources and deriving common benefit from their association. [7 definitions]
poolroom a commercial establishment for the playing of pool or billiards.