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poor without money, possessions, or other means of livelihood. [7 definitions]
poor boy see hero sandwich.
poorhouse a residential institution for the poor, supported at public expense.
poor laws a system of laws providing for public relief and assistance for the poor, esp. in England in the nineteenth century.
poorly in a poor manner; badly; inadequately. [2 definitions]
poormouth to complain about one's lack of funds or other resources, sometimes as an excuse. [2 definitions]
pop1 to make a short, light, explosive sound. [17 definitions]
pop2 (informal) of, relating to, or performing popular music. [2 definitions]
pop3 (informal) father.
pop. abbreviation of "population."
pop art a form of modern art that uses subjects from everyday life and the mass media, and adapts techniques of commercial art such as comic strips.
pop concert a concert by a symphony orchestra playing popular and light classical music.
popcorn any of several varieties of corn whose kernels pop open into crunchy puffs when heated. [2 definitions]
pop culture short for popular culture.
pope (often cap.) the bishop of Rome, head of the Roman Catholic Church. [3 definitions]
popeyed having bulging, wide-open eyes, as in astonishment or disbelief.
pop fly in baseball, a high fly ball in or near the infield area, usu. one that can be caught easily; pop-up; pop.
popgun a toy gun from which a pellet or cork is shot by compressed air with a loud pop.
popinjay a vain, frivolous, and talkative person.
poplar any of several fast-growing deciduous trees, such as the aspen or cottonwood. [3 definitions]
poplin a finely ribbed fabric, usu. made of cotton, used for clothing, draperies, and upholstery.