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poplin a finely ribbed fabric, usu. made of cotton, used for clothing, draperies, and upholstery.
pop off (informal) to leave suddenly or unexpectedly. [3 definitions]
popover a light, puffed, hollow muffin made with flour, eggs, and milk.
popper something or someone that pops, such as a container or apparatus used for heating popcorn.
poppet an intake or exhaust valve that can rapidly plug or unplug an opening, often driven by a spring for rapid repetition; poppet valve. [2 definitions]
poppethead the tailstock or headstock of a lathe; poppet.
poppet valve see poppet.
poppy any of several related plants grown in temperate climates that bear brightly colored flowers in red, orange, yellow, purple, or white. [3 definitions]
poppycock (informal) nonsense or foolishness.
poppy seed the seed of the poppy plant, used as a garnish or filling in baking.
Popsicle trademark for sweetened, flavored water or juice frozen around one or a pair of flat wooden sticks.
pop the question (informal) to make a proposal of marriage.
pop-top denoting or having a top that can be popped open, usu. with a pull tab, as on vacuum-packed cans. [3 definitions]
populace the people who live in a particular place; population. [2 definitions]
popular widely liked or enjoyed; regarded favorably by many. [3 definitions]
popular culture the part of culture, esp. the realms of the arts, entertainment, and fashion, that appeals to or is consumed by the masses and is often commercially-driven.
popular front a political coalition of various leftist and centrist parties struggling against fascism and promoting social reform.
popularity the condition or fact of being widely liked or admired.
popularize to make generally known, liked, or understandable.
popular sovereignty the doctrine that a state is subject to the will of the people who comprise that state.
popular vote in the U.S., the vote for a President as participated in by the voters themselves, as opposed to the vote carried out by the electoral college. [2 definitions]