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popular widely liked or enjoyed; regarded favorably by many. [3 definitions]
popular culture the part of culture, esp. the realms of the arts, entertainment, and fashion, that appeals to or is consumed by the masses and is often commercially-driven.
popular front a political coalition of various leftist and centrist parties struggling against fascism and promoting social reform.
popularity the condition or fact of being widely liked or admired.
popularize to make generally known, liked, or understandable.
popular sovereignty the doctrine that a state is subject to the will of the people who comprise that state.
popular vote in the U.S., the vote for a President as participated in by the voters themselves, as opposed to the vote carried out by the electoral college. [2 definitions]
populate to be residents of; inhabit. [2 definitions]
populated (of a place) having inhabitants.
population the collective human inhabitants of an area. [4 definitions]
population explosion a great expansion in a biological population, esp. of humans in the twentieth century, resulting from a continued high birth rate combined with a decrease in child mortality and an increase in longevity.
populist (cap.) a member or supporter of the U.S. Populist party in the late nineteenth century. [5 definitions]
populous having a large or dense population.
pop-up of, concerning, having, or being a part or device that pops up or causes something to pop up. [5 definitions]
porcelain a white, glassy ceramic; china. [3 definitions]
porcelainize to coat with or make with porcelain or a similar substance.
porch an open platform, often with a roof, that serves as the back or front entrance of a house. [2 definitions]
porcine of, pertaining to, or like swine or pigs.
porcupine any of several large rodents covered with long, stiff, sharp quills.
pore1 to study or read with care and attention (usu. fol. by "over"). [3 definitions]
pore2 a tiny opening in the outer surface of a plant or animal through which air, water, sweat, or the like may pass out or in. [2 definitions]