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popular vote in the U.S., the vote for a President as participated in by the voters themselves, as opposed to the vote carried out by the electoral college. [2 definitions]
populate to be residents of; inhabit. [2 definitions]
population the collective human inhabitants of an area. [4 definitions]
population explosion a great expansion in a biological population, esp. of humans in the twentieth century, resulting from a continued high birth rate combined with a decrease in child mortality and an increase in longevity.
populist (cap.) a member or supporter of the U.S. Populist party in the late nineteenth century. [5 definitions]
populous having a large or dense population.
pop-up of, concerning, having, or being a part or device that pops up or causes something to pop up. [5 definitions]
porcelain a white, glassy ceramic; china. [3 definitions]
porcelainize to coat with or make with porcelain or a similar substance.
porch an open platform, often with a roof, that serves as the back or front entrance of a house. [2 definitions]
porcine of, pertaining to, or like swine or pigs.
porcupine any of several large rodents covered with long, stiff, sharp quills.
pore1 to consider carefully; ponder. [2 definitions]
pore2 a tiny opening in the outer surface of a plant or animal through which air, water, sweat, or the like may pass out or in. [2 definitions]
pore fungus a fungus with a pitted or porous surface, that produces spores inside very thin tubules.
porgy any of various marine food fishes, such as the scup and sheepshead, having spiny fins and a wide body covered with large scales. [2 definitions]
pork the edible flesh of a pig or hog. [2 definitions]
pork barrel (informal) a government bill or appropriation specifically designed to benefit a particular locale or industry in order to ingratiate legislators with their constituents.
porker a pig raised and fattened for its pork.
porkpie a man's hat having a low, flat, circular crown and a snap brim.
porky of, pertaining to, or similar to pork. [2 definitions]