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port4 a heavy sweet red wine.
port5 to carry (a military weapon) in both hands with the muzzle or blade near the left shoulder and the butt or hilt near the right hip. [3 definitions]
portable capable of being carried or transported. [4 definitions]
portable document format a file format (invented by Adobe Systems, Inc.) that represents documents created in a variety of word processing and desktop publishing programs as they were intended to appear, independently of the platform or hardware with which they are created or read.
portage the carrying of small boats or their cargo overland between two navigable waterways. [4 definitions]
portage trail a path made for carrying boats and other materials overland between bodies of water.
portal a doorway or entrance, esp. a large and imposing one. [3 definitions]
portal-to-portal pay a worker's wages computed from the moment of entering the workplace to the moment of leaving it.
portamento in music, a smooth sliding from one pitch to another, esp. with the voice, a violin, or the like.
portative able to be carried conveniently; portable. [2 definitions]
Port-au-Prince the seaport capital of Haiti.
port authority a government agency concerned with the road, air, and water traffic of a port or city.
portcullis a strong, sliding grill suspended at the top of a fortification gateway that can be lowered to prevent entry, as to a castle.
porte-cochère a covered carriage entrance to a courtyard. [2 definitions]
portemonnaie money-carrier (French); a small pocketbook or purse.
portend to serve as a sign or warning of; bode. [2 definitions]
portent a sign of something important, and often disastrous, that is about to occur; omen. [2 definitions]
portentous being or like a portent. [3 definitions]
porter1 one who carries luggage for travelers at a station or hotel. [2 definitions]
porter2 a dark malt ale whose color is achieved by drying the malt at a high temperature.
porterhouse a beefsteak cut from the back end of the short loin.