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Portland cement (sometimes l.c.) a cement made by heating limestone with clay and hardening under water.
Port Louis the seaport capital of Mauritius.
portly rather fat; stout.
portmanteau a stiff, usu. leather suitcase that opens into two hinged parts.
portmanteau word a word formed by combining the sounds and meanings of two other words, such as "smog" from "smoke" and "fog".
Port Moresby the seaport capital of Papua New Guinea.
port of call a port where a ship regularly docks during the course of a longer voyage in order to load and unload passengers and cargo, make repairs, or the like.
port of entry a place where travelers or goods may enter or leave a country under the supervision of customs officials.
Port-of-Spain the seaport capital of Trinidad and Tobago.
Porto Novo the seaport capital of Benin.
portrait a painting, drawing, photograph, or sculpture of a person, esp. a person's face. [2 definitions]
portraitist one who makes portraits, esp. an artist who specializes in this.
portraiture the art of making portraits. [3 definitions]
portray to depict visually or verbally; make a portrait of. [2 definitions]
portrayal a representation, description, or portrait. [2 definitions]
Port-Salut a semihard yellow cheese made from whole cow's milk.
Portugal a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula between Spain and the Atlantic.
Portuguese of or pertaining to Portugal or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Portuguese man-of-war a sea hydrozoan found in warm oceans, having a bladderlike sac that resembles a sail and allows it to float, and trailing many long stinging tentacles that may inflict severe injury.
portulaca any of various related annual plants that have thick stems and leaves and bear small, brightly colored flowers that open only in sunlight.
pose1 to take or hold a bodily position, as in modeling clothing or having one's likeness painted or photograph taken. [7 definitions]