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positivism the philosophy that observable facts from the sciences, rather than metaphysical speculation, are the only allowable basis of knowledge and thought.
positron in physics, an elementary particle equal to an electron in mass, spin, and magnitude of charge, but whose charge is positive.
positronium a short-lived atomic system that a positron and electron form before they destroy each other.
posology the branch of pharmacology that deals with the dosages of drugs.
poss. abbreviation of "possessive."
posse a group of citizens summoned by a county law enforcement official and given temporary legal authority to assist in law enforcement, as for pursuit of a criminal. [2 definitions]
possess to have as one's own property. [5 definitions]
possessed gripped or controlled by an idea, emotion, or evil spirit. [2 definitions]
possessed of having.
possession the act of possessing, or the condition of being possessed. [6 definitions]
possessionless combined form of possession.
possessive of or relating to possession. [6 definitions]
possessor one who has, owns, or possesses something.
posset a hot drink of spiced and sweetened milk curdled with wine or ale.
possibility the fact or state of being possible. [3 definitions]
possible capable of or having the potential for being, occurring, being done, or being used. [3 definitions]
possibly maybe; perhaps. [2 definitions]
possum variant of opossum.
post1 a pole or stake placed in the ground to serve as a marker, or for supporting a fence or other structure. [6 definitions]
post2 a position or duty to which one is assigned. [4 definitions]
post3 the organized delivery of mail, or an instance of such delivery. [7 definitions]