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postischemic combined form of ischemic.
postisolation combined form of isolation.
postlanding combined form of landing.
postliberation combined form of liberation.
postlude a closing musical piece or movement. [3 definitions]
postman one who delivers mail.
postmarital combined form of marital.
postmark an official mark that cancels the postage stamp on a piece of mail and shows the date and place of mailing. [2 definitions]
postmastectomy combined form of mastectomy.
postmaster the government official in charge of a post office.
postmaster general (often cap.) the head of a nation's postal service.
postmedieval combined form of medieval.
postmeridian of, pertaining to, or occurring in the afternoon; after noon.
post meridiem see P.M.
postmidnight combined form of midnight.
postmillennial occurring or existing following the millennium; postmillennian.
postmillennialism the religious doctrine that the second coming of Jesus Christ will follow the millennium, rather than occur simultaneously with it.
postmodern in literature and the arts, esp. architecture, coming after, and usu. reacting against, modernism.
postmortem occurring or initiated after death. [5 definitions]
postnasal situated or occurring behind the nose.
postnasal drip a discharge of mucus from the back of the nasal cavity into the throat, usu. brought about by an allergy or cold.