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post time the time at which a horse race is scheduled to start. [2 definitions]
posttraumatic combined form of traumatic.
posttreatment combined form of treatment.
posttrial combined form of trial.
postulant someone who applies or petitions for something; applicant. [2 definitions]
postulate to assert as something true, esp. as a basis for reasoning. [7 definitions]
postulator one who postulates an idea, theory, or the like. [2 definitions]
posture the general position or carriage of the body. [6 definitions]
postvaccination combined form of vaccination.
postvagotomy combined form of vagotomy.
postvasectomy combined form of vasectomy.
post-Victorian combined form of Victorian.
postwar of, relating to, or designating the period after a war.
postweaning combined form of weaning.
postworkshop combined form of workshop.
posy a flower, or small bouquet of flowers.
pot1 a deep round container made of metal, glass, or clay, used for cooking food. [7 definitions]
pot2 (slang) marijuana.
potable fit for drinking. [2 definitions]
potage (French) soup, esp. soup that is thick.
potash potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide. [2 definitions]