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potassium bitartrate see cream of tartar.
potassium bromide a white crystalline compound used in photography, spectroscopy, engraving, and medicine.
potassium carbonate an alkaline crystalline powder used to make products such as glass, ceramics, and soaps.
potassium chlorate a poisonous white or colorless crystalline solid used as an oxidizing agent in the making of disinfectants, bleaches, matches, fireworks, and explosives.
potassium chloride a colorless crystalline salt used in fertilizers and in the making of other potassium salts.
potassium cyanide a highly poisonous white powder used as an insecticide and in photography, electroplating, and metallurgy, esp. in extracting silver and gold from ores.
potassium hydroxide a caustic white deliquescent solid or crystalline salt used in the making of soaps, liquid detergents, and glass.
potassium nitrate a colorless crystalline compound used in explosives, preservatives, and fertilizers and as a chemical reagent.
potassium permanganate a dark purple crystalline solid used as an oxidizing agent, astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant.
potassium sulfate a white or colorless crystalline solid, used in the manufacture of fertilizers, medicines, glass, and mineral water.
potation the act or process of drinking. [2 definitions]
potato a plant that is native to South America and is widely cultivated for its edible tubers. [3 definitions]
potato beetle a small black and yellow beetle that is harmful to potatoes and other crops; Colorado beetle.
potato chip a thin slice of potato that is deep-fried until crisp, usu. salted, and sometimes flavored.
pot-au-feu pot on the fire (French); a dish of boiled meat and vegetables, the broth being strained and often served separately.
potbelly a large, round, protruding abdomen. [2 definitions]
potboiler (informal) a low-quality, sensationalistic novel, film, or the like, produced to make money.
pot cheese a cheese resembling cottage cheese, with coarse dry curds.
Potemkin village a false front or facade, usu. built or created to conceal something shabby or inadequate.
potency the condition of being potent; strength; effectiveness. [3 definitions]
potent having strength; powerful. [4 definitions]