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potent having strength; powerful. [4 definitions]
potentate a person of great power, such as a ruler.
potential capable of coming into existence; possible; latent. [4 definitions]
potential energy in physics, the energy of a particle, body, or system that is determined by its position or structure. (Cf. kinetic energy.)
potentiality the state of being potential. [2 definitions]
potentially possibly.
potentiate to release or make active the potency of. [2 definitions]
potentiometer an instrument that measures or controls electric potentials or electromotive forces by reference to a known or standard voltage.
potful the greatest amount that a pot can contain. [2 definitions]
pother a commotion or fuss; disturbance. [4 definitions]
potherb any herbaceous plant that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable, such as spinach, or used as a seasoning, such as thyme.
potholder a pad or mitten of thick material used to handle cooking utensils when they are too hot to touch with bare hands.
pothole a hole in the surface of a road, usu. caused by weather or traffic. [2 definitions]
pothook a hook used to hang a pot or kettle over a fire, or a rod with a hook used to lift hot pots, irons, or the like, from a stove top or fire. [2 definitions]
pothunter a hunter who hunts game for food without regard to the rules of sport. [3 definitions]
potion a mixture for drinking, esp. one that is supposed to have medicinal, magical, or poisonous effects.
potlatch among Indians of the Pacific Northwest, a ceremony in which a host destroys or gives away his property to guests, who are expected to reciprocate later with a similar or greater display.
pot liquor the broth in which meat or vegetables have been cooked, often used as a gravy or sauce.
potluck a meal that is prepared without any special planning, esp. one served to a guest. [2 definitions]
potluck dinner a dinner to which every person or family brings a dish to share; potluck supper.
pot marigold a calendula cultivated for its showy yellow or orange flowers, which are used for decoration or seasoning.