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pot marigold a calendula cultivated for its showy yellow or orange flowers, which are used for decoration or seasoning.
Potomac a U.S. river that flows from West Virginia along the border of Washington, DC, and into the Atlantic.
potpie a pie made with meat or poultry, vegetables, and sauce, topped with a single pastry crust and baked in a deep oven dish.
potpourri a collection or combination of miscellaneous, unrelated elements or objects. [3 definitions]
pot roast a whole cut of meat, usu. chuck or round steak, that is braised or stewed, usu. in a covered pot and with vegetables.
potsherd a fragment of broken pottery, esp. one with archaeological significance.
potshot a shot fired randomly at game, esp. in disregard of hunting laws or the rules of the sport. [4 definitions]
pottage a thick soup made with vegetables and sometimes meat.
potted placed or kept in a pot. [3 definitions]
potter one who makes pottery.
potter's field an area set aside for the burial of the friendless poor or unknown individuals.
potter's wheel a device consisting of a horizontal disk made to rotate by foot or motor power, that enables a potter to create cylindrical or rounded shapes in clay.
pottery ceramic ware such as mugs, plates, bowls, and vases. [2 definitions]
pottle formerly, a unit of capacity equal to two quarts. [2 definitions]
potty a removable pot that fits under a small open seat, used in the toilet training of a child. [2 definitions]
pouch a bag made in a variety of sizes and shapes, usu. of a sturdy material, and used to carry loose substances and articles such as tobacco or letters. [6 definitions]
pouchy like a pouch; baggy.
pouf a late eighteenth-century hairstyle, characterized by high rolls or puffs of hair. [3 definitions]
poulard a fat young hen, esp. one spayed to improve the flesh for food.
poult any young fowl, esp. a turkey.
poultice a soft, usu. heated mass of moist meal, leaves, or the like that is spread on a cloth and applied to a sore or inflamed area of the body as a therapy. [2 definitions]