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powerful possessing or capable of exerting power or force. [4 definitions]
powerhouse a station or plant that generates electricity. [2 definitions]
powerless lacking strength, power, or vitality; ineffectual. [2 definitions]
power of attorney a formal, legally valid document that authorizes one person or party to act on behalf of another.
power pack a portable device that converts the incoming power-line or battery-generated voltage to the voltages required by the various components of an electronic system, such as a radio or television amplifier.
power plant a complex of buildings, machinery, and equipment where electrical power is generated from another energy source, such as moving water, burning coal, or nuclear reactions.
power play an offensive maneuver in team sports, in which force is concentrated on a small area. [3 definitions]
power point (chiefly British) a point in an electrical system where electrical appliances can be connected to the current; outlet.
power politics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) international diplomacy in which one or several participants threaten with, or use, military or economic force.
power structure the system or hierarchy of authority or control in politics, business, society, or the like. [2 definitions]
power switch a device used to open or close an electric connection.
power tool a tool that operates by electric power.
power up to turn on an electrical or electronic device or system, or otherwise connect it to a power source. [2 definitions]
powwow a North American Indian ceremony, usu. with ritual dancing, feasting, and chanting, performed to aid warriors in battle, cure disease, or aid the hunt. [4 definitions]
pox a disease, such as chicken pox, that is characterized by a pustular skin rash. [2 definitions]
pp. abbreviation of "pages," a plural form of "pages."
ppb abbreviation of "parts per billion."
PPE abbreviation of "personal protective equipment," equipment such as face masks, face shields, gloves, and surgical gowns that are used by medical personnel to protect against viral or bacterial infection of either themselves or patients.
ppm abbreviation of "parts per million."
P.P.S. abbreviation of "post postscriptum" (Latin); a second or additional postscript.
PR1 abbreviation of "Puerto Rico," a West Indies island commonwealth associated with the United States, east of the Dominican Republic.