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Pr symbol of the chemical element praseodymium.
PR2 abbreviation of "public relations," the organized efforts of a corporation, organization, institution, or the like to establish a favorable image or favorable relations with the general public. [2 definitions]
pr. abbreviation of "pair" or "pairs."
practicable capable of being done or put into practice.
practical of or relating to practice and experience as opposed to theory or abstraction. [5 definitions]
practical joke a playful or mischievous trick played on someone, often causing embarrassment or discomfort.
practical joker a person who engages in practical jokes.
practically in every essential respect; virtually. [3 definitions]
practical nurse a nurse who has had some training in nursing and is often licensed by a state to provide basic care for patients, usu. under the supervision of a registered nurse.
practice an activity that is habitual or customary. [11 definitions]
practiced having experience or proficiency. [2 definitions]
practice teacher a college student who teaches elementary or secondary school under the supervision of an experienced teacher; student teacher.
practicing actively pursuing an occupation or profession.
practicum the part of a college or university course that involves practical application of the theories and principles studied in the course.
practitioner a person practicing a trade, occupation, or profession.
prae- variant of pre-.
praetor an ancient Roman magistrate, ranking below a consul and concerned primarily with civil justice.
praetorian of or pertaining to a praetor. [4 definitions]
pragmatic concerned with actual causes and effects rather than abstract theories or ideas; practical. [4 definitions]
pragmatic sanction a royal decree that becomes or has the force of a fundamental law of the land.
pragmatism a practical approach to problems and issues. [2 definitions]