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pragmatism a practical approach to problems and issues. [2 definitions]
pragmatist one who takes a practical approach to problems and issues. [3 definitions]
Prague the capital of the Czech Republic.
Praia the capital of Cape Verde.
prairie an expansive area of fertile, level, or rolling grassland, esp. the central North American plain.
prairie chicken either of two henlike grouse of the North American prairies that have reddish, brownish, black, and white feathers; prairie hen; prairie fowl.
prairie dog any of several small burrowing rodents that have a barklike cry and live in large colonies in the North American prairies.
prairie schooner a large covered wagon used by nineteenth-century pioneers to cross the American prairies.
prairie wolf a coyote.
praise a verbal expression of admiration, approval, or respect; commendation. [4 definitions]
praiseworthy extremely commendable or laudable; deserving praise.
Prakrit any of several vernacular Indic languages, spoken in ancient and medieval India, as distinguished from Sanskrit, the literary language.
praline any of a variety of candies made with nuts that are cooked in a sugar syrup.
pram (chiefly British) a small, four-wheeled carriage used to transport a baby; baby carriage.
prance to move forward by raising the front legs and springing with the hind legs, as a horse does. [5 definitions]
prandial of or in connection with a meal.
prank a playful or mischievous trick; stunt.
prankish given to playing pranks; mischievous. [2 definitions]
prankster one who likes to play pranks on others.
prao variant of proa.
praseodymium a rare-earth metallic chemical element that has fifty-nine protons in each nucleus and that is usu. found together with neodymium. (symbol: Pr)