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precancel to cancel (a stamp) before mailing. [2 definitions]
precancerous having or showing the possibility or likelihood of becoming cancerous.
precapitalist combined form of capitalist.
precarious so unstable or insecure as to be dangerous; risky. [3 definitions]
precast concrete concrete that has been cast into form, as of a block, column, or bridge section, before being put in place.
precaution an action or measure taken beforehand to avoid or prevent a dangerous circumstance, or to ensure a favorable result. [2 definitions]
precautionary of, relating to, or consisting of a precaution. [2 definitions]
precede to come before in time. [3 definitions]
precedence the act of preceding. [3 definitions]
precedent an act that serves or may serve as an example for future actions of a similar nature. [3 definitions]
precedential of or being a precedent. [2 definitions]
preceding that comes, goes, or exists before; prior.
precentor one who leads the music in a church, esp. the church choir.
precept a basic rule, principle, or directive that guides action, moral conduct, or thought.
preceptor one who teaches; instructor.
precession the act or condition of preceding; precedence. [3 definitions]
precession of the equinoxes the earlier occurrence of the equinoxes in each sidereal year because of a slow variation in the rotation of the earth, caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.
prechill combined form of chill.
pre-Christmas combined form of Christmas.
precinct an area, as of a town or city, forming one electoral district or patrolled by one police unit. [4 definitions]
preciosity excessive care or refinement in language or style, or an instance of this.