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preconciliar combined form of conciliar.
precondition to train, prepare, or familiarize ahead of time. [2 definitions]
preconquest combined form of conquest.
preconscious of a thought, not in the conscious mind, but capable of being recalled. [3 definitions]
preconsonantal combined form of consonantal.
preconstructed combined form of constructed.
preconvention combined form of convention.
preconviction combined form of conviction.
precook to cook ahead of time, or to cook partially in advance of further cooking.
precool combined form of cool.
precopulatory combined form of copulatory.
precrease combined form of crease.
precrisis combined form of crisis.
precursor one that comes before and proclaims the arrival of someone or something; indication that a specific event will soon take place. [2 definitions]
precursory coming before and serving to indicate what will follow; premonitory. [2 definitions]
precut combined form of cut.
pred. abbreviation of "predicate," in grammar, the part of a sentence that explains the action, effect, or condition of the subject, consisting of the verb and all the words that modify or are affected by the verb
predacious living by preying on other animals; predatory.
predate to occur or exist before. [2 definitions]
predation the act or practice of plundering. [2 definitions]
predator an animal that eats the flesh of others. [2 definitions]