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predominate to be the greater or greatest in importance, prominence, or amount. [3 definitions]
predynastic combined form of dynastic.
preelection combined form of election.
preelectric combined form of electric.
preembargo combined form of embargo.
preemie (informal) a child born prematurely.
preeminent surpassing others in eminence.
preemployment combined form of employment.
preempt to occupy a place or take up a position in order to acquire a right to it. [4 definitions]
preemption the act or right of claiming or purchasing something, such as public land, before or in preference to others.
preemptive of, relating to, or granted by preemption. [2 definitions]
preen to trim and clean (feathers), as a bird does. [5 definitions]
preenrollment combined form of enrollment.
preestablish combined form of establish.
preethical combined form of ethical.
preexist to exist before. [3 definitions]
preexperiment combined form of experiment.
pref. abbreviation of "prefix," an affix added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning and create a new word, such as "anti-" in "antiestablishment." [2 definitions]
prefab prefabricated. [3 definitions]
prefabricate to fabricate or manufacture beforehand. [2 definitions]
preface an introduction to a book or other written text that gives information esp. about the author or work. [5 definitions]