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preface an introduction to a book or other written text that gives information esp. about the author or work. [5 definitions]
prefascist combined form of fascist.
prefatory of, relating to, or serving as an introduction or preface; preliminary.
prefect any of various officials appointed to high civil or military administrative or judicial posts in France, Italy, or ancient Rome. [3 definitions]
prefecture the office, authority, territory, or official residence of a prefect. [2 definitions]
prefer to consider more desirable than something else. [3 definitions]
preferable worthy of being most desired or preferred. [2 definitions]
preference a person or thing that is preferred. [3 definitions]
preferential marked by, obtaining, or having preference.
preferment the act of promoting or being promoted to a higher position or office. [2 definitions]
preferred stock that portion of a corporation's stock on which dividends must be paid first, before common stock, and which usu. has priority in distribution of assets in the event the corporation liquidates.
prefeudal combined form of feudal.
prefight combined form of fight.
prefigure to give an earlier indication, image, or representation of; foreshadow. [2 definitions]
prefilled combined form of filled.
prefinance combined form of finance.
prefire combined form of fire.
prefix an affix added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning and create a new word, such as "anti-" in "antiestablishment." [3 definitions]
preflame combined form of flame.
preflight prior or preparatory to an airplane flight.
preformat combined form of format.