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pregnant of a woman or other female mammal, bearing one or more developing fetuses in the womb (sometimes fol. by "with"). [4 definitions]
preharvest combined form of harvest.
preheat to heat before using or processing.
prehensile adapted for seizing or grasping.
prehiring combined form of hiring.
prehistoric of, pertaining to, or existing in a time prior to written history.
preholiday combined form of holiday.
prehuman combined form of human.
preignition in an internal-combustion engine, the ignition of fuel before the spark plug fires.
preinaugural combined form of inaugural.
preincorporation combined form of incorporation.
preindustrial combined form of industrial.
preinterview combined form of interview.
preinvasion combined form of invasion.
prejudge to judge or form an opinion of before gathering sufficient knowledge or evidence.
prejudice an opinion, judgment, preference, or conception formed without knowing or examining the facts. [6 definitions]
prejudicial causing prejudice; putting at a disadvantage; injurious; detrimental.
prekindergarten combined form of kindergarten.
prelacy the office, position, or rank of a prelate. [2 definitions]
prelate a church official of high rank, such as a bishop.
prelife combined form of life.